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Date 2021-11-16
  • The total credit for graduation of this course must be at least 38 credits (including 6 credits for thesis).
  • The upper and lower limits for electives per semester are 2 to 9 credits.
  • The number of years of study for graduate students in this special course shall be at least 3 academic years (including the 2nd semester of the 3rd academic year) in accordance with the provisions of the School's rules.
  • Graduate students in this special course completed 26 credits (including credit scores, credit credit limit of 9 credits), the beginning of the declaration of the thesis topic and degree thesis plan oral examination, the declaration period in accordance with the relevant provisions of the university.
Graduation credits 38 credits (including 6 credits for papers)
Graduation conditions
  1. The length of service is at least 3 years.
  2. Complete the ethics education course of academic research.
  3. Complete the paper title declaration.
  4. Pass the master's thesis program oral exam.
  5. Pass the master's degree thesis oral examination.
  6. The paper's electronic documents were approved.


※ Students enrolled in master's, in-service and doctoral classes (including 105 students enrolled early in the 105th academic year) from the 105th academic year shall take the ethics education course of academic research, with the principle of completing this course before the end of the first academic year.

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