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Date 2021-11-16

Establishment time and history

Master of Education in School Administration (MESA), it was opened in the 88th school year and recruited secondary school teachers to take part-time administrative positions (principal, director, group leader, etc.) for a master's degree. After the establishment of the 91st school year, the College of Education was transferred to the College of Education, and in the same year, the National Primary School was also added as a teacher in administrative positions.

In response to the changes in the social environment and the changes in the administrative operation of schools, the 97th school year increased the number of qualified relevant grade personnel of the administrative organs, and in the 98th school year, the number of kindergarten, national primary and secondary schools aspiring teachers dedicated to administrative work to apply for the examination.

The vision of MESA

1. Implement the policy of lifelong learning and reflux education of the Ministry of Education, provide high-quality channels for in-service teachers and school administrators to further their studies on the job, and integrate the existing research results and resources of our schools and colleges to enhance the efficiency of the overall use of resources, with a view to cultivating the leaders of new era schools who are out of the group.

2. With the development focus of cultivating school administrative professionals, this special course sets the following educational objectives:

(1) Improve the leadership and management skills of serving teachers and school administrators.

(2) Improve the academic research ability of serving teachers and school administrators.

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